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Adam Bradley, White Plains Mayor, Charged with Domestic Assault


White Plains ain’t exactly ancient Athens, and when Democrat Adam Bradley took over as mayor from Republican Joseph Delfino, he complained that his predecessor shredded city documents and made shady deals.

Clearly he was going for a white-knight thing, but that’ll be a little more difficult to pull off now that he’s been charged with assaulting his wife by purposefully slamming her hand in a door Saturday night.

Though Bradley admits “there have been problems in my marriage for some time,” he claims “I did not in any way mistreat my wife.” The wife, for her part, praises Bradley as a “great father,” though she presumably has less enthusiasm for him as a husband.

The charge brought by Fumiko Bradley, with whom the Mayor has two children, is third-degree misdemeanor assault, which Bradley will “contest.” Bradley turned himself in to authorities on Sunday, and his wife received an order of protection against him.

Bradley goes back to court today, and will see a judge again Friday, but is otherwise free to do the people’s business. Meanwhile a support group is forming for New York state politicians plagued by domestic violence charges, and will meet as soon as they find a venue where they can have some privacy.


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