Avatar at the Oscars: What are the Odds?


The whole Avatarization meme, with Photoshop-savvy fans recruiting icons (Hugh Laurie, Lil Wayne, Angelina Jolie, John Goodman, Sasha Grey, Mr. Bean et al) into the Na’vi tribe — peaked around Valentine’s Day with the poignant spectacle of Palestinian activists protesting the Israeli barrier in blue body-paint and full Na’vi drag.

Still, look for a resurgence next Sunday night during Hollywood’s annual self-congratulation fest. In fact you can bet on it. According to Jimmy the Geek, these are the current odds given by British bookmakers:

1/1000 A Na’vi will appear on TV at some point during the ceremony

1/50 Joan Rivers will interview a Na’vi on the Red Carpet

1/1 Host Steve Martin will appear in blue-face

2/1 Co-host Alec Baldwin will refer to Steve Martin as “a real avatard”

3/1 Zoe Saldana will co-present the Oscar for Best Visual Effects with Mr. Fox

4/1 A Na’vi will dance with Mickey Mouse

5/1 Stetsoned Na’vis will perform “The Weary Kind”

6/1 A Na’vi will hug a tree

10/1 A Na’vi will hug Gabourey Sidibe

20/1 A Na’vi will defuse an IED

50/1 A Na’vi will defuse an IED and kill Hitler

1000/1 A Na’vi will hug Gabourey Sidibe, defuse a bomb, kill Hitler, and fire Alec Baldwin

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