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God Bless The Desmond Child | Village Voice


God Bless The Desmond Child


Desmond Child is the long running songwriter/producer who’s penned scores of hits from “Livin’ La Vida Loca” to “Waking Up In Vegas” and beyond, all while racking up Grammys and renown.

I ran into Desmond the other night at a party and he told me he’s been working on Cuba Libre, a sizzling stage musical, which I bet will do better than Mambo Kings.

He’s also been working on a family. Desmond met his lover Curtis when he saw him in a window (a long story) and kept returning to see him there, thinking, “I want one of those!”

Twenty one years later, they live together in Nashville with twin sons–and though they’re not married, it’s not for lack of trying. (They were on their way to California to tie the knot when Prop 8 went through. Still, Desmond says that Gavin Newsom was really nice, so I guess it wasn’t a wasted trip.)

Desmond told me that studies show kids don’t really care about the genders of their parents–they just want two of them!

Those twins found good ones in Desmond and Curtis. They’re livin’ la vida fantastica.

I’ll have more in the column.

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