Horror Legend Wes Craven: Guest of a Guest Fan?


As a memorable character in the great, crucial American film canon of movies designed to scare the shit out of you, Freddy Krueger has kept under-supervised children and adults alike worried about sleeping without pissing their pants or being clawed in the face by a creepy leather-skinned monster in a bad sweater. As a memorable character in the…New York canon of blogs designed to scare the shit out of you, Rachelle Hruska’s been posting pictures of New York nightlife’s under-supervised children two drinks short of pissing their pants and being clawed in the face by creepy, leather-skinned Jersey B & T wearing last season’s wedges. Connection?

As Guest of a Guest proprietor Rachelle Hruska pointed out on her Twitter today, apparently, Krueger-creator Wes Craven is a fan of hers. And not just that, but via Craven’s website:

I read this every day. It doesn’t hurt either that Rachelle is the hottest thing to come out of Nebraska since corn on the cob! I am going to ask Rachelle if she will be in my next movie. -Wes

That sound you just heard was New York City’s aspiring SAG-members’ collective blood-vessels popping. Insert line about Jason still being able to see design-aping despite the hockey mask.