In Praise Of No Enigma, Rich FourFour’s Splendid Mix of Late-’80s/Early-’90s Dance Music, Inspired By (But Not Including) The Titular Band In Question


Get it here: Suffice it to say it begins with Soul II Soul’s “Keep on Movin’,” ends with Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Symphony,” and features plenty of Seal, PM Dawn, Snap!, and Janet Jackson in between. “Tom’s Diner,” too. As Rich himself explains:

It’s so named because I could not bring myself to include anything from the weird drum-machine druids that helped define the sound I’m exploring here. They seem crucial and yet…well, go back and try listening to them. You get pan flutes. I’m sparing you.

Anyway, I think it was really interesting that for a stretch of time, post-disco dance music was not really defined by its tempo (this mix doesn’t get faster than 116 BPM and mostly hovers around 105). It’s definitely similar to Cosmic in that way, although I think I kind of like this take on slowed-down dance even more because it seems trashier. Basically, this is the sound of malls and cassingles to me. Obviously, it all holds a very, very significant place in my heart.

Go on. You know you want to hear “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” again.

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