Michael McMahon Brags: I’m the Biggest Centrist in Congress!


In the famously communist precincts of New York City, politicians don’t usually have to worry about looking too liberal. But Staten Island, home of most of New York’s overtly Republican officials and of the city’s largest contingent of Tea Partiers and town brawlers, is a different story. There, Democrats have to show a little Joe Lieberman-style “moderation” if they wish to survive.

Therefore when National Journal did its annual ranking of the Congressional votes along a liberal-to-conservative scale, and found Staten Island’s Michael McMahon tied with Michael Arcuri of upstate for the absolutely most middle-of-the-pack House member, McMahon didn’t just think, “hmm, interesting,” and move on. He made a press release of it, announcing himself the “Most Centrist Member of US House of Representatives”:

National Journal‘s finding that he is most centrist Member in the House only further evidences Rep. McMahon’s demonstrated commitment to the traditional values of Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn. During a time in our country’s history when overly partisan politics and polarizing tactics are often common-place in the political sphere, Rep. McMahon is going to Washington, staying true to the principles of his constituents and district, and working hard with Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike to get the job done for Staten Island and Brooklyn

In the release McMahon also bragged that the Times had called him “a moderate who is not particularly wedded to the right or the left.”

We see what he’s doing, but it’s still weird that anyone would brag so hard on his resemblance to lukewarm water.


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