Ousted NY Governor Eliot Spitzer Finally Earns Hipster Cred


Is posing with Terry Richardson the new Make A Guest Appearance on Sesame Street Yo Gabba Gabba?



In a word: Yes.

Via omniscient downtown photog Terry Richardson’s blog
, pictured is omniscient downtown photog Terry Richardson, seen here with the last governor to totally fuck things up for himself. Punk. Previously: The Cast of Jersey Shore, The Hair of the Cast of Jersey Shore, Kobe Bryant, Terry Richardson posing with a Giant Submarine Sandwich as His Penis, noted penis joke experts Blink 182, Parliament Funkadelic ambassador George Clinton, Terry Richardson wearing an Olympic Gold Medal, and a graffiti tag that says I [Heart] PUSSY. In other words, Terry Richardson’s blog is now among the best photo albums in the history of this city. Or universe. Also, Eliot Spitzer probably isn’t too concerned about campaigning any time soon. David Paterson portrait obviously forthcoming.