Raising the Babies Song Count to Three: “Breakin the Law”


Oh, new the Babies track–“Breakin’ the Law” is all kinds of vindication of a theory once advanced in these pages, namely that Vivian Girls frontlady Cassie Ramone and Woods bassist Kevin Morby “have a really appealing bad-karaoke rapport, not so much singing as cheerfully yelling at each other over half-assed garage pop,” except this time around we might argue that the garage pop is at least a notch or two above half-assed. Ear of the beholder, obviously. One of all of three songs you can hear of theirs, pending the All Things Come to Pass 7″, and our favorite so far. Hear it at the band’s MySpace, or at Bowery Ballroom this Saturday, where they open for…Titus Andronicus. That kind of day over here, apparently. [h/t the Fader]

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