St. Vincent’s Nurses Rally, Pray for Troubled Hospital


The financially strapped St. Vincent’s Hospital has been laying people off and cutting pay, so the New York State Nurses Association turned out today to bring the situation to the attention of both neighbors and God; after a street demo with union and political figures, they planned to repair to the hospital’s chapel for a prayer service.

The nurses had in January protested the proposed takeover of the hospital by Continuum Health Partners, claiming the medical company would shut down acute care, surgical units and emergency services (“Where would we be if the St. Vincent’s emergency room had not been not there for 9/11 and the airplane landing on the Hudson River?” said Nurse Ellie Dunn). But the Continuum deal fell though, leaving the city’s sole remaining Catholic general hospital close to bankruptcy, and prayer among its few remaining hopes.

About 800 registered nurses work for St. Vincent’s. Here are some photos, taken by our intrepid restaurant critic and legman Robert Sietsema.

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