The Guru Respect Mix and Other Worthwhile Tributes to the Gang Starr MC


DJ Wonder went in on Angela Yee’s show today, unleashing a half hour, 24 track tribute to Guru, the ailing Gang Starr MC and rap icon who is reportedly in a New York hospital today, undergoing surgery after a heart attack yesterday. It’s great, but then, of course it is. There’s a reason Gang Starr has spawned so many different best-of collections–the duo’s discography is pretty much murder from front to back. Guru’s monotone style is as singular in 2010 as it was in 1989, and when he falters, well, DJ Premier is an excellent guy to have your back, as far as music goes. For our money, Moment of Truth is the group’s single best LP, but the two-disc Full Clip greatest hits record is probably the place to start. Mick Boogie just threw his favorite six album tracks up; you can also find tributes everywhere from Cocaine Blunts to Passion of the Weiss, with downloads to match. Then do yourself a favor and let Charles Aaron get the last word in: “No one ever rapped about ‘cultural awareness’ (as he did on ‘The Place Where We Dwell’) and sounded less like an herb.” Now can we get some news on how dude is?

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