Atlantic Yards is a Go: Streets Close March 8, Evictions Expected Soon


Get those shackles ready, Freddy’s: Judge Abraham Gerges has denied what appears to be the last big appeal of the eminent domain seizures for the Atlantic Yards project.

Several businesses, including Freddy’s Backroom, are denied all relief; others, including condo owner Daniel Goldstein, may file claims regarding compensation, but cannot expect to keep their property.

The judge swatted away several procedural claims, including an “unclean hands” claim of wrongful conduct in pursuit of the seizures: “Neither Ratner nor any of the affiliated companies involved in the Project are parties to this vesting proceeding, nor will a desire to realize a profit be construed as sufficient to establish conduct that is immoral, illegal or wrongful to any fair-minded person.”

“While there are other extant legal challenges,” says Atlantic Yards Report, “there’s no bar to construction, and Forest City Ratner has said it would mobilize large numbers of workers shortly after the decision.”

AYR also reports that the streets condemned for the project — Fifth Avenue between Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, and Pacific Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue and between Vanderbilt and Carlton Avenues — will close March 8.

State officials tell Daily News that evictions will roll out over the next few months, and that they’ll use the sheriff if they have to.

Bruce Ratner, despite his money troubles, wants to break ground on March 11.


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