New York



Texas-born artist Rosson Crow has more than a little wanderlust. Moving from city to city, she sets up camp, researches various aspects of the city, and paints her version of its history based on what she learns. In Paris, she covered the gardens of Versailles; in Los Angeles, she was inspired by the architecture—now in New York, her new show, Bowery Boys, focuses on NYC’s rebellious side: the history of “bad boys” in underground art. Crow’s large-scale oil pieces and stained-glass windows ride through the thick of it all—gangs, graffiti, gays, drugs, and illicit sex—and the ever-changing landscape of the Bowery, from Bowery Mission and the New Museum to New York City sex clubs and the new Andre Balazs Boom Boom Room. Crow also features works inspired by the Bowery’s own members, including bad boys Kenny Scharf, Dash Snow, Dan Colen, and Keith Haring.

March 10-27, 2010

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