Brooklyn’s Finest Was Almost Detroit’s Finest


At a Q&A last night after a screening of the police drama Brooklyn’s Finest, director Antoine Fuqua remembered that that a money man begged him, “Could you make it Detroit’s Finest ’cause we’ll get a tax break?”

Fuqua said he’d rather not (though he didn’t say “Fuqua off”), the guy relented, and thus the film was made.

Costar Ethan Hawke was there too, talking about other challenges you face in this genre.

“I’m a dramatic actor,” he said. “I’m not a comedian or an action star. And the old-school drama is out of style.”

But he added that a cop flick like this partly got made because it has action in it–and they pulled one over on the green-light people by putting real people in it too!

Best story of the night: Hawke took a bullet in one bloody scene. Afterwards, a fellow actor straggled over and asked him, “Have you ever really been shot?” “No,” admitted Hawke. “I could tell,” the actor snapped. But then when HE did a scene where he got shot, he simply keeled right over without acting at all. Maybe he’d been shot so many times he forgot the sensation.

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