Chilean Wine Producer Forced to Halt Production; Moonshine Goes Artisanal


A new poll shows that most New Yorkers support selling wine in supermarkets. Opponents say it would put many small liquor stores out of business and cost the state thousands of jobs.

Chile’s biggest winemaker, Concha y Toro, has stopped production for at least a week following the earthquake that hit the country this past Saturday.

Moonshine isn’t just for hillbillies anymore. The DIY liquor is the latest craft spirit. Journalist Max Watman explores the subject in his new book, Chasing the White Dog.

As the craft beer movement continues to grow, enthusiasts are traveling to breweries to experience the production process themselves.
[NY Times]

Karma Lounge is the only bar in the city still legally permitted to allow smoking because it already operated as a hookah lounge prior to the smoking ban in 2003.
[NY Times]

Diageo is targeting iPhone users and middle-aged American women with its latest vodka marketing campaigns.

San Francisco liquor license officials now have housemade liquor infusions on their radar. Altering alcohol by infusing it with fruits, vegetables, and spices is against California law.
[SF Chronicle]

High-proof spirits are attractive to bartenders — not for their alcohol content, but rather for the “extra oomph of flavor” they add to a cocktail.
[SF Chronicle]

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