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Courthouse Basement Catches Fire; Minor Injuries Reported (Update: Fire Delays Lil Wayne Sentencing)


So you’re hanging out in the Courthouse at 100 Centre Street, waiting to refute some bogus assault charges, and boom — they clear the courthouse due to a fire in the basement. “Minor” injuries are reported — though one firefighter reportedly came out on a stretcher — in what is believed to be a boiler mishap shortly after 10:00 a.m. The smoke apparently worked its way up to the high floors, and the street had to be cleared.

In case you were wondering, because they don’t always tell you these things, the prisoners were removed to the relative safety of the Tombs.

Update: Eight injuries reported — five FDNY, two civilian, one prisoner — none believed serious.

Update 2: Turns out Lil Wayne was supposed to receive his sentence at 100 Centre Street today; now it’s postponed till further notice, which upsets him (“Once you make up your mind to do something, you want to do it”). The rapper pleaded out to weapons possession last year and is expected to be sent up for a year.

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