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Infographic of the Day: Why the Young Folks Do Lots of Blow


When you smell smoke, you probably smell fire. When you smell smoke on teenagers, they were probably smoking. And when your teenagers can’t smell anything, they either have a cold, a genetic deficiency, or some other problem they should probably go to a doctor for. Or they’re doing a lot — a lot — of blow. And they’ve possibly contributed to an increase in usage.

Eiseley Tauginas at BlackBook points out a British study noting a 65% increase in cocaine usage among minors. And then takes a completely unscientific look at possibilities for the increase with a Venn diagram. An attempted interpretation:

It’s either because of

– General population increase (hence, an increase in the general population of drug users),
– Social media addictions, or
– Unemployment rates among minors?

All of which manifests in

– Unemployed oversharers looking for book deals,
– A small minority of supervising parents who know to watch their kids’ Twitter, and
– Lindsay Lohan.

All of which contributes to the final result of:

– “Rehab.”

Eh, sounds about right. Nothing like a rent-free vacation care of the people you love or the ability to pay to get rid of your useless, unemployed cokehead children for a few weeks. Also, the kids probably just got bored of their various amphetamine prescriptions. Though commenters on the study published in the Daily Mail had other ideas. For example:


This forms part of the process of dumbing down the population as is done deliberately
Look very carefully who is taking control of Britain to see where this stems from


This comes to us from


– sandy, outer space – thank God!,


So, basically, the Internet. Also, sounds about right.

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