Klee’s Daniel Angerer Is Making Cheese From Locally Sourced Breast Milk


Hmm. While we’re all for sustainably and locally sourced ingredients and enthusiastic supporters of humane dairy, we’re not 100 percent sure of how to feel about the fact that Daniel Angerer, the chef-owner of Klee Brasserie, is now making cheese out of his wife’s breast milk.

Grub Street reports that Angerer has produced almost two quarts of his so-called Mommy’s Milk cheese from two gallons of liquid procured from his wife’s breasts, which have been lactating since the birth of the couple’s eight-week-old daughter. Angerer has posted a recipe on his blog, and invited people over to sample the curds. According to the chef, the taste is reminiscent of “really sweet cow’s milk.” Which maybe it is. We’re just grateful that he didn’t get any ideas about his wife’s placenta.


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