Maria Alaimo’s Bad Boob Jobs Go to Trial in Staten Island


Breast implants gone wrong are a tragedy no matter where they strike, but today’s big BIGW story is close to home in Staten Island, where Maria Alaimo, 47, is suing over the “‘double-bubble’ deformities” allegedly visited upon her by Dr. Keith Berman. Seven years ago Alaimo went to Berman for enhancement, and came out with breasts “flattened on the bottom with severe swells the size of a softball on top,” reports the Advance. Two more surgeries by Berman and $7,000 in fees just made things worse, as photos demonstrated to the jurors.

Plaintiffs claim Berman did not mark the breasts properly with a Sharpie prior to surgery. The trial is ongoing. Sad denouement: The year of Alaimo’s third surgery, after which she “never allowed her husband to see her undressed again,” the Alaimos divorced.


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