Marmite: You Either Love it or Hate it… Or Age it.


If you’ve never had Marmite, here’s what you’re missing: a savory spread that looks like used motor oil and tastes like beef Jell-O, even though it’s vegetarian (it’s main ingredient is a mysterious thing called yeast extract). The Independent reports that a super-strong, aged version of the stuff will hit shelves next month.

Marmite Extra Old, or XO, is a made from a secret blend of yeast extracts that have matured for 28 days, four times longer than the original. It was created with the help of a group of Marmite fanatics that goes by the name “The Marmararti.” The result is a more intensely flavored version of the spread that most certainly will only appeal to the most hardcore of Marmite fans.

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