Rhoda as Tallulah?


What next–Georgette as Hepburn?

But let’s get real, dahlings. Valerie Harper is a likable lady who I always felt has a range she hasn’t fully been allowed to explore.

And now, the thought of her as divoon thesping diva Tallulah Bankhead is rather intriguing to me.

Val is starring as Tallu in Broadway’s Looped, which was inspired by an audio tape that surfaced of the re-recording session for Bankhead’s last movie, Die! Die! My Darling! (a film that’s even too bad for my bad movie club).

No doubt in between all the looping, this Tallu will GET looped and throw out some bon mots as well as anecdotes from her too-too vivid life (hopefully reprising her rendition of the immortal phrase from TV’s Batman: “Bat-doll!”)

The camp queens must be gagging, but Val tells Playbill, “I don’t want this to be a sendup. I wanted it to really be the woman.”

I’ll see it anyway.

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