Rikers Island Superstar Lil’ Wayne’s Pre-Slammer Scrapbook


The New York Department of Correction’s most exciting inmate since crooked cop boss Bernie Kerik is on his way to jail. Again. Most of us can take a wild guess as to what that’s like for all the Regular Inmates of the world: shitty. Want to know what that’s like if you’re an uberfamous superstar rapper?

The old Believe Me, I’d Rather Be In Jail Than Have Eight Root Canals excuse isn’t going to work twice, as today, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.–better known to everyone but the DOC as Lil’ Wayne–is on his way to the hoosegow as he’s due to be properly put away this afternoon for a pesky gun possession charge, leading to a 12-month stint at Rikers. But because the Internet is awesome, we now know what that’s like. Via Rap Radar:

Yup. Still shitty. But shitty in style. Truths proven true: By hook, crook, magic carpet, private plane, going to jail is utterly depressing no matter how you get there. Also, live photoblogging. That too.

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