Rupert Murdoch on Potential NYT Owner Carlos Slim: Mexican’t


Rupert Murdoch Is Old! week continues. New York writer Gabriel Sherman’s profile on News Corp’s geriatric general dropped yesterday, bringing forth the question of just how old, scrappy, and bloodthirsty the Grumpy Old Mogul is. Primarily of concern was how he was going to make the New York Times die before he does. Then yesterday afternoon, the Times stock rose 7% on rumors and speculation that Mexican billionaire NYT shareholder Carlos Slim was going to buy the rest of the company. Which Slim denied. This is good for Murdoch, because apparently, Carlos Slim buying the Times would’ve really thrown him for a loop. Because Slim’s a Mexican. And Mexicans don’t buy newspapers.

Because they’re Mexican.

Via Reuters media reporter Yinka Adegoke, who saw him get colorful over Slim’s ethnicity, speaking before the New York Board of Realtors:

Oh, come on. It’s not because he’s brown or anything. It’s because he’s so great:

Mexicans: sensitive, savvy media buyers who won’t buy failing companies. Unlike those willing to post $6.4B in losses after buying a company that once wrote with great confidence that other hurting companies resembling itself aren’t even worth buying. Unless, of course, you’re like Murdoch, and have a death grudge against one of said hurting companies. In which case it’s both a smart and sensitive investment. For a white guy. An old white guy. Who — despite being quick enough to cover for it — still occasionally says some fairly loco, racist shit.