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St. Croix Falls Cinema 8 Patron Complains to Management, Is Told to Go Fuck Herself


Well, this isn’t good PR: Inc. reports that some people recently went to see Shutter Island at the Falls Cinema 8 in St. Croix, Wisconsin. One of the party had to write a check for the tickets, as the theater didn’t accept credit or debit cards. The showing was disrupted by ushers looking for unpaid viewers, and the woman who wrote the check sent Evergreen Entertainment, who run the theater, an admittedly miffed note in which she threatened to take her business to the competing White Bear Lake movie house.

Evergreen vice-president Steven J. Payne wrote back, “…go fuck yourself. If you dont have money for entertainment, get a better job, and don’t pay for everything on your credit or check card. You can also shove your time and gas up your fucking ass.”

Payne later apologized, but by then the woman had started a Boycott St. Croix Falls Cinema 8 Facebook page, which at this writing has 5,104 members. (A We Support Steven Payne page has been created, but it’s not nearly so well attended.)

Word of the incident has spread to the papers, blogs, aggregators, TV, etc.

Customer responses like this have been received before — like the phone message that told shocked NTL customers that “we don’t give a fuck about you” in 2004 — but are usually the result of sabotage, not a senior exec having a bad day. Looks like St. Croix, Wisconsin — like Washington, D.C. — is the kind of place where you can rise to vice president with an extremely bad attitude. We’re thinking of retiring there.


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