Who’s Already Benefitting from the Paterson Scandal?


This morning we woke up with the news that our governor might soon be having his picture taken with Terry Richardson in the near future no thanks to a New York Times story essentially explaining the various ways he’s not only demonstrated his own piss-poor intimidation skills, but the piss-poor intimidation skills of state employees as well. Thankfully, scrappy New Yorkers are starting to see some benefits from it. Who are they?

Other Politicians (Who Aren’t Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch): Two black democrats, Senator Eric Adams and Assemblyman Michael Benjamin, enjoyed some nice ink in a race issue piece the New York Times ran on reactions to the latest Paterson news. Even more impressive, though, is Senator Liz Krueger, a white democrat from the Upper East Side, getting in on the fun with a call to, uh, action: “All of my colleagues should try to be sensitive and respectful and realize that we come from different places.”

Special Interest Groups: The National Organization for Women are out of the gate as the first national special interest group to seriously call for Paterson’s resignation, with New York state chapter president Marcia A. Pappas noting that they loved him until he assisted in a cover-up of a woman-beating scandal. No word on Paterson henchperson spokeswoman Marissa Shorenstein from them, however. Shocker. Especially in light of who’s cashing in on her.

Lawyers: Obviously. Marissa Shorenstein has lawyered up, via the New York Observer. If anything, NOW can still cash in on this one: Shorenstein’s a positive role model for those scandal-embroiled female politicos who just sit around, incriminating themselves, waiting for lawyers to come to them. Taking the initiative!

Media Photobombers: Okay, so let’s say you’re a blogger or reporter who’s not working at the New York Times, trying to get your piece of the news cycle teet. The scrappiest editors have already beat you to the punch! See the New York Observer, whose awesomely crafty publisher Jared Kushner and editor Kyle Pope both managed to get in on the photos accompanying this morning’s New York Times story, via Observer reporter Max Abelson’s blog. Abelson notes that “this is probably inappropriate to point out.” Like hell it is. Between chronicling the proctorial-spelunking of the rumors surrounding the New York Times story and this, the New York Observer has done a better job of being balls deep in this story without breaking anything big in it. Credit where credit’s due: Can’t knock the hustle.