Condensed Milk Makes a Comeback; Is New York Dining Getting Dumb?


Steve Cuozzo bemoans the “dumbing down” of the city’s dining scene: “Another Lower East Side banh mi joint, anyone?” he asks, citing Michael Psilakis and Michael White as “big-name chefs thinking small.”
[NY Post]

The European Food Safety Authority failed to approve 416 health claims filed by food marketers, including those referring to probiotics and antioxidants.
[Atlantic Food]

The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn is among a growing number of home cooks using condensed milk. Southeast Asian, Latin American, and Caribbean cooks love it, too.
[NY Times]

Yet another Chinese food safety scandal involves the cowpea — an ancient species of legume that includes the black-eyed pea — and the use of a toxic pesticide.
[NY Times]

More than 900 people signed up for a challenge set by a blogger to avoid processed foods for 28 days, including anything made with refined oils, white flour, or sugar.

Three investment firms are calling for the replacement of the current CEO and board of directors of Denny’s now that the chain has ceded the no. 1 market position to IHOP.
[Wall Street Journal]

Food-borne illnesses, such as E. coli and salmonella, which sicken some 76 million people per year, cost the U.S. $152 billion annually, according to a recent report.
[NY Times]

The Ringling Bros. Circus opened its Pie Car to the press. The food service train car caters to all the performers and will make anything they want on demand.
[NY Times]

Debra Zimmerman, a first-time community activist, led the resistance against Shake Shack opening in NoLIta with community meetings, fliers, and a 100-strong petition.
[NY Post]


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