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David Paterson Shouldn’t Quit: Poll


For more than a year, every poll has shown that people think he’s a terrible governor and that they would prefer nearly anyone else (even Rick Lazio!) in the job, but a new Quinnipiac poll indicates that voters do not want Richard Ravitch taking over just yet. By a margin of 61 to 31 percent, voters say they don’t want Paterson to resign.

This doesn’t mean they’ve warmed to his governance, as it comes with Paterson’s lowest job approval Q-poll rating ever — 62-24 percent. So it would seem simple justice animates the respondents, or else blind fear of whatever may come next.

53 percent of them don’t know how they feel about how Richard Ravitch is handling the lieutenant governorship; 24 percent approve, 24 percent disapprove. As to their personal feelings for Ravitch, they are vaguer still: 78 percent say they haven’t heard enough to judge.

They’ll take Paterson over Ravitch as governor for the rest of this term, 47-29 percent.

Everyone still loves Andrew Cuomo, of course, and interestingly, they’d prefer that the investigation of Paterson to be transferred from Cuomo’s office to a special prosecutor, 61-25 percent. It’s generally believed that Cuomo’s investigation is keeping him from going public with a gubernatorial run.



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