Mayor Bloomberg Fluffs Mort Zuckerman; WSJ Smells Bloomberg Presidential Run


In contrast to Tom Robbins’ more derisive sendoff of the Great Mort Zuckerman Senate Campaign, Mayor Bloomberg went out of his way to praise the Daily News publisher today as a “smart guy” and a winner.

Bloomberg suggested, as Zuckerman himself did, that Zuckerman could have beaten Kirsten Gillibrand (though polls strongly suggested otherwise).

He found it “interesting” that both he and the New York Post agreed that Zuckerman “really would add an awful lot I think to the Senate,” which we agree is interesting.

Fox News reported today that Zuckerman and Bloomberg discussed the run prior to his departure, so Zuckerman presumably bowed out despite the Mayor’s encouragement.

Fox added that, when Harold Ford said he didn’t want to help a Republican win the Senate race, “a story by the Associated Press suggested Zuckerman was that person.”

Elsewhere in the media-political complex, the Wall Street Journal has this interesting take on the departure of Kevin Sheekey from the Bloomberg staff to the Bloomberg company: “Bloomberg Aide’s Exit Fuels Talk of Presidential Run.” This is because the loss of a government job leaves Sheekey free to work his political magic for Bloomberg — whereas the encumbrance of the man who replaced Sheekey, political strategist Howard Wolfson, is seen as no loss.

This excites political consultant Mark McKinnon, who tells the Journal, “Sheekey is the most talented political operative out there who doesn’t have a presidential ring — and I’m betting he’ll join the club before long.” The conservatives were right — the media does run everything!


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