Morgan Freeman=Nobility


When you plunk down money for movies starring certain actors, you know pretty much the kind of mood they’re going to radiate, and that’s just what you come to want.

With Morgan Freeman, it’s nobility.

With Reese Witherspoon, you’re geting chirpy.

With Kristen Stewart, you’re in for some serious sullenness, with lots of eyeball rolling.

And George Clooney equals suavity, with a lot of half smiling asides.

Of course within those boundaries, these actors work out a lot of variations of human emotion.

It’s just that they’re primarily known for one type of characterization, and that’s extremely pleasing to movie audiences. It’s a continuation of the syndrome that had us always expecting Bette Davis to be bitchy, Gable to be macho, and Marilyn to be hot.

Can you think of other current actors and what deal they specialize in?

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