Paterson Charged! (For Baseball Tickets. And Lying.)


This is it! The one that’s gonna take him down! Governor Paterson has been charged officially by the New York State Commission on Public Integrity with… getting free baseball tickets.

Think back through the haze of scandal, and recall that last year Paterson was accused during the Yankees-Phillies World Series of soliciting five tickets to a game at the Stadium for himself, his son and his buds. Paterson originally claimed the tickets were for official business.

The commission got right on that, and now they’re saying there’s “reasonable cause to believe” Paterson lied under oath that he intended to pay for the tickets all along. (He eventually submitted a backdated check.)

The Yankees are registered to lobby the state, which just makes everything worse. The face value of the tickets was about $1,700.

Punchline: The tickets were obtained for the governor by… David Johnson, the allegedly-girlfriend-beating aide whose crimes the governor is alleged to have covered up, for which he is being investigated.

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