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Republican PowerPoint Lays Out Plan for Elections: “Fear,” “Socialism,” “Tchotchkes”


Democrats claim to have found left behind in a hotel, and shovel-passed to Politico, a Republican National Committee PowerPoint presentation detailing the RNC’s national campaign strategy against the Democrats.

Along with traditional marketing-speak (which looks sinister in a political context), the document lays out a cartoonish POV in which voters are told the Republicans will “save the country from trending toward socialism,” and which posits the Obama Administration as “the Evil Empire” and includes the Obama Joker image famous from rightwing guerrilla marketing efforts.

Campaign marketing tactics to be employed include “tchotchkes,” and the “visceral giving” elements of the direct marketing campaign include “fear” and “reactionary.”

The presentation also shows large sums of money raised by the RNC through its affiliates — regrettably with only contributor categories (“Eagles,” “Regents,” etc.) and not proper names attached. Some of the planned fundraising events are pretty humorous, though. For instance, for the “Young Eagles” the RNC has planned a “Vegas UFC Fight,” “Professional Bull Riding,” and “Grassroots Cocktails with Senator David Vitter.” Major donors get to party with Newt Gingrich at Hunt Oil headquarters in Dallas.

The RNC, per the presentation, is targeting 16 gubernatorial “offensive targets” (including David Paterson and Deval Patrick), and nine senatorial ones (Kirstin Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer are among five senators listed as “wild cards,” presumably meaning that they’ll get after them if they have the resources after the OTs are secure).

The document offers counsel on government regulation of political fundraising and pitfalls thereof to be avoided. It mentions that national parties may now establish “recount funds,” and says that, contrary to “Dem myths,” the recent Citizens Union vs. FEC Supreme Court decision has “NO direct effect on RNC, parties or candidates.”

The document says the RNC raised $81.3 million last year, with an average contribution of “less than $40, signaling a resurgence in low dollar donors, and a very positive sign for election year fundraising efforts.”


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