Robert Sietsema at Tanoreen & Athena Express


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema journeys to Bay Ridge for Middle Eastern fare at the newly transformed Tanoreen, and “meaty earthbound delights” at Athena Express.

Sam Sifton deems the Chesapeake Bay-themed Choptank satisfactory, noting that “New Yorkers probably deserve better,” and manages to quote Snoop from The Wire in the process.
[NY Times, previously]

Meanwhile, Jay Cheshes is confused by how Choptank’s fried chicken (“perhaps the best thing on the menu”) and burger (“a close runner-up”) can be better than the seafood.
[TONY, previously]

Adam Platt isn’t such a fan of six-week-old Colicchio & Sons: “the more Top Chef-style ingredients [Tom Colicchio] piles on the plate, the more stilted the cooking tends to feel.”
[NY Magazine]

Ryan Sutton notes that “the year-old Prime Meats is a competitor not just to [Peter] Luger, but to every steakhouse in Manhattan.”
[Bloomberg, previously]

Gael Greene finds that Bagatelle is not really her kind of place, but “the food is not bad at all. Indeed, it can be very good.”
[Insatiable Critic]

Tables for Two has a meal at The Standard Grill, where “the chef, Dan Silverman, misses as often as he hits.”
[New Yorker, previously]



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