Rudy Giuliani Finally Endorses Michael Grimm, Far from Kerik Questions


Rudolph Giuliani was going to make a rare City Hall appearance last month to endorse conservative candidate Michael Grimm (pictured) for the Republican nomination against Congressman Michael McMahon. But then Bernie Kerik got sentenced, which might have prompted reporters to ask the former mayor about his former friend, and Giuliani cancelled, pleading a previous engagement.

Today Giuliani finally made his pitch in Grimm’s actual district, and where reporters don’t ask impertinent questions: Staten Island. He was at the Arrochar Friendship Club on Jerome Avenue, after which appearance he and Grimm were planning to politick in the area.

Grimm’s campaign site now features a photo of Giuliani and the candidate smiling at each other.

By the way, those pictures we noticed at Grimm’s Facebook site, showing President Obama as Che Guevara and such like? They’re gone now. Grimm’s campaign says they were pranks visited upon the site by “a person who is fictitious” who “wants to do something negative to Michael’s campaign.” The perpetrator has not stepped forward.


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