The Village Voice Now Has its Own Happy Hours App


Our recent review of happy hour apps may have been a little premature. We didn’t get to weigh in on the freshly launched GoTime Happy Hours app by Village Voice Media that our colleague, Roy Edroso, over at Runnin’ Scared pointed out yesterday.

So, despite the early hour and self-imposed rule of no booze before noon, we decided to give it a whirl. The app uses GPS to locate you and the nearest happy hours happening at the specific time you’ve searched. At 10:15 in the a.m., a search returned 10 bars offering drink deals, including a healthy number of dives and off-the-beaten-path joints. A useful feature is the ability to see actual specials at each establishment (who says a $2.50 Bud Light or $5 mojito can’t be a breakfast drink?). You can also filter your results by type of special, type of cuisine, feature (i.e, WiFi, fireplace) or “buzz” (good for groups, romantic, pick-up spot). The free app has 1,706 happy hours in the city, so there’s sure to be one near you no matter what time you’re thirsty.


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