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U.N. to Create Women’s “Super-Agency”; Rightwingers Cry Havoc


International Women’s Day is Monday, and the U.N. is trying to make some gender-friendly moves in time for it. So at their annual Commission on the Status of Women meeting at UN Headquarters, there’s talk of cramming together four of their women’s agencies into a “super-agency” with its own Undersecretary. (The General Assembly voted for this last September, but you know how bureaucracies are.)

Now let us — or rather, let the Population Research Institute — translate that into rightwingspeak for you:

Obama Pushing for New Radical Feminist Agency at United Nations.”

The super-agency, says Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, will be “dedicated to radical feminist goals, which undermine marriage, weaken the family, and thus endanger children both born and unborn.”

How the agency will do this, they don’t say. But they do know that 10 years ago, a committee of the UN’s Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women criticized the nation of Belarus for “reintroduction of such symbols as a Mothers’ Day and a Mothers’ Award, which it sees as encouraging women’s traditional roles.” This has since turned into a rightwing accusation that the UN, and their evil enablers such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wish to outlaw Mother’s Day in the United States.

PRI notes that an organization called Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) supports the super-agency, which makes them some sort of international ACORN. They should probably expect a visit from James O’Keefe in pimp clothes any day now.


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