Video: The Ultimate SNL Presidential Reunion w/Chase, Aykroyd, Carvey, Ferrell, Etc.


“What do you say we open up a bag of malaise potato chips?” asks Will Ferrell as George W. Bush, of Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter, standing next to Darrell Hammond playing Bill Clinton, and Dana Carvey playing his dad, who walked in on Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) and Michelle Obama (Maya Rudolph) sometime before Jim Carrey floats in as Ronald Reagan and Chevy Chase tries introducing Saturday Night Live as Gerald Ford before Bush Sr. reminds him that he’s on “Funny or Die dot com,” which he, in fact, is. He’s also, for the record, being directed by Ron Howard. This is the pretty incredible publicity boon that you and everyone you know will have seen by the end of the week, but not without purpose:

Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion from Will Ferrell

The message is an advocacy for the Consumer Financial Protection Act, which is described as the “only way to stop these corrupt companies,” a mess the former presidents helped create. The CFPA is the act that would create a federal consumer protection agency. The video ends with a plug for Main Street Brigade, an advocacy group for the CFPA.

Is it a boon to these guys’ careers? Sure. They all have their own personal brands to plug, and it’s Ferrell’s site we’re watching it on. Knee-jerk celebrity skepticism aside, it’s hard to imagine they exactly cashed in on this, and it’s a pretty hysterical skit, message aside. It’s also an old-school callback to the glory days of sketch comedy, and far funnier than anything that’s actually been on Saturday Night Live in ages. Even if it doesn’t accomplish anything in it’s political agenda, the video (and the behind-the-scenes action they posted with it) is pretty great for the world regardless.

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