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Cop Finds Hair in Food; Cook is Arrested, Fired


A cop in Evesham, New Jersey went to a restaurant — nothing too fancy; it’s called Good Foods to Go — and found a hair in his bagel. Instead of sending his story to our food blog or complaining like anyone else, the cop had the cook arrested.

The officer knew that he had given the cook tickets before, yet kept coming back to the restaurant, perhaps to humiliate the cook. The officer decided the hair was purposefully placed.

The cook, Ryan Burke, 26, was jailed for four hours, had to come up with $25,000 bail. And he was fired from his job.

Good Foods to Go’s owner, presumably sweating heavily, told the Cherry Hill Courier-Post that the incident had “nothing to do with anything involving the business,” and produced satisfactory health inspection reports.

Punchline: The owner, the local PD, and and town manager all asked the Courier-Post not to run the story — not because it embarrasses them, mind you, but because it “may trigger copycat acts and generally contribute to the discomfort of our officers.” (The cop’s name has not been released.) Courier-Post reporters, watch out; the Evesham police may decide you put some hair in their reputation on purpose.


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