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David Paterson, the Latest Horrible News: Big Quits, Staff Meets, Sharpton Calls a Reunion


The governor’s communications director resigned today. “As a former officer in the United States Navy, integrity and commitment to public service are values I take seriously, ” said Peter Kauffmann, and “I cannot in good conscience continue in my current position.” Translation: I know nothing, noooothing.

Paterson’s chief of staff Larry Schwartz has reportedly called a meeting of the entire gubernatorial staff for tomorrow afternoon. They’re going to go over the new e-mail system again; a lot of folks are still having trouble with it.

Reverend Al Sharpton sent up the Black Signal, calling local politicians of color to assemble yet again in Harlem (what, not Fort Greene? Get with it, guys) and discuss the Paterson and Charles Rangel situations. And if you think this will necessarily be a sticking-with-the-brother meeting, think again.

Paterson, asked by reporters if he would be governor tomorrow, “offered a simple ‘yes’… But when asked whether he would be governor next week, the governor was silent.” Well, we sympathize with Paterson here; he knew eventually the journos would ask, “Now, will you not not not not be governor Tuesday? How about Wednesday? Will you not not not not not be governor then?” Etc.


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