Ed Koch Generously Offers to Save New York State


Today former mayor Ed Koch, 85, tells the Times that he’s so disgusted with all the corruption in the state legislature these days he’s going to “throw myself into” an effort to “do something about it.”

As described by the Times, that means “assembling a coalition of powerful civic groups” by sending them a letter, in which Koch, along with former Parks Commissioner Henry Stern and Dick Dadey of the Citizen’s Union, calls for the “defeat of those incumbents, regardless of party, who are responsible for this odious situation, and the election of new candidates, committed to a reform agenda…”

If you are among “leading civic and advocacy organizations and individuals,” you are invited to meet with Koch on Friday, March 12, at 10 a.m. at Bryan Cave LLP, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, and discuss plans.

Billionaire Tom Golisano did something like this in 2008, mainly with money, and we saw how that went: He ended up praising the Albany Coup that is part of what’s bugging Koch. Koch is an infinitely better public servant, though, and is offering goo-goo pressure (and, who knows, maybe some funny expletives), not cash bribes. And he’s taken down crooks before, though that was years ago.

How it’ll work, God knows. One thing it will definitely accomplish is the further burnishment of Koch’s reputation as the surviving pre-Giuliani mayor who is not blamed for the pre-Giuliani condition of the city.


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