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Mike Bloomberg’s Law & Order Show: Real Live Perps!


Here’s another of those wonderful coincidences from the World of Bloomberg:

Yesterday, the mayor held a star-filled press conference on the set of Law & Order on Chelsea Piers where he talked about his fine new plan to promote women and minorities into jobs in the TV and film business.

Across town, at the same time, there was a real life Law & Order moment as the former chief operating officer for the city’s TV station was being sentenced to 15 months in prison for stealing tens of thousands of dollars in city ad revenues. District Judge Paul Crotty, a former city corporation counsel, also gave Trevor Scotland three years of supervised release and ordered him to pay restitution of some $65,000.

Scotland told city investigators he was able to pull off his caper in a way that would have caught the attention of those headline-chasing Law & Order producers hanging with the mayor: He had permission to sign his boss’s signature on whatever he needed. So he did. The boss, Arick Wierson, wasn’t there because he was flitting around the globe with other top NYC TV staff making their own movie. Wierson paid a $5,000 fine for some of his shenanigans, though city investigators never bothered to figure out how he paid for the movie and his own travels.

The Bloomy Law & Order event also conveniently came a couple weeks after the Voice reported that the mayor handed the son of a close friend a $114,000-a-year job at what’s now called NYC Media. The mayor’s managers never even bothered to interview anyone else for the post, or comply with the city’s own equal opportunity rules.

The mayor’s Law & Order minority hiring plan is also a step or two divorced from everyday reality. Since Wierson, Scotland and a few other miscreants were booted last spring, Bloomberg’s managers have filled at least four top jobs at the city station, all of which have gone to whites who either worked at Bloomberg’s own private TV outfit, or who are friends of station executives. Not a single minority has been hired.

The mayor’s TV execs were so eager to hire their own pals, that a legal counsel has been added to the staff and allowed to evaluate regular employees — even though she’s only a consultant, not a full-time staff member. At NYC Media, employees call this the “white-out” approach. That could make a decent L&O episode, no?


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