Ovidios Bar in Woodside, Queens


SriPraPhai was closed last night, as it is every Wednesday, but disappointed eaters could at least get a drink right next door at Ovidios Bar, where beer is cheap and the bartenders are friendly. Plus, Ovidios is within walking distance of some of the very best eating in the city in Woodside and Jackson Heights.

Ovidios’s has only a single barred-over window and blue lights on the walls, which gives it a murky, hypnotic, cavernous feel–like it’s the portal to some boozy version of Narnia. Last night, a gaggle of women in low-cut shirts were drinking cocktails (one had brought her own brandy), while two guys at the other end of the bar drank Corona and Heineken and pretended not to stare at them. A large screen played Spanish music videos, one featuring a dude playing an accordion next to a waterfall.

A Chivas Scotch cost $8 — a steep price that we weren’t sure was actually the going rate — but beer is much cheaper. A beer and a shot seems to be the drink of choice. The perky bartender was wearing a short black and red dress. “Come back again soon!” she called to us as we left.

6419 39th Avenue, Queens


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