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RFK’s Son Pissed over Dad’s Suit of Death Getting Vegas Treatment


If you die, and you die famously, guess what? That awful Gap cardigan you were wearing is going to be a stah. Such was the case when the suit Robert F. Kennedy’s wore the night he died went on display at a California homicide detectives convention at the Palms Resort & Casino in Vegas, along with OJ’s glove and a Manson Family rope. Due to a very public outcry, the suit was removed, but Kennedy’s son Max is still pissed, and took to the pages of the LA Times to explain his side of the situation.

When I called to express my surprise and disappointment, the chief maintained to me that hanging my dad’s bloody shirt from a mannequin in a casino was part of an effort to train detectives.

Yeah, Max Kennedy, chill. This is all about learning. Nevermind that the California’s homicide detectives obviously needed to have their convention outside of California, and place a historical piece of evidence Max Kennedy requested back ten years ago on morbid display for cops to gawk at. Or that they did it at the same place The Real World: Vegas made the public contraction of sexually transmitted diseases a thing. Or that they might be better off using something more recent, like say, Maurice L. Cox Jr.’s cigarette lighter, Jose Torres’ microphone stand, Darrick Collins’ waistband, or maybe one of the multiple SWAT vests Jose Raul Pena saw before his daughter became the first hostage killed by an LA SWAT team in the history of the division (or even better, the pens used in the failed campaign to reverse the coroner’s verdict on it). And then putting a team of Cirque du Soleil dancers behind them.

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