Tomorrow: Our 10 Best People-Watching Restaurants


In a 2006 article for the New York Times, Seth Kugel wrote, “People-watching is to New York City what vista-gazing is to the Grand Canyon: You haven’t really been if you haven’t done it.” And it’s true–zoom out, and the city is only as interesting as an ant colony. Zoom in, and find stories upon stories, all playing out in plain view on sidewalks and the subway, in libraries, parks, shops, and restaurants.

Eateries are prime territory for people-watching, and its attendant entertainment, eavesdropping. Think of all the interesting things you might witness in an evening at a restaurant: a marriage proposal, a blind date, a first date, a last date, a fight, drunken antics, catty comments, noodle-making, and out the window, dogs large and small. There’s a reason we don’t order take-out all the time, and for us, it has much to do with the first half of the dreaded cliche, “to see and be seen.”

So check back here tomorrow to see which restaurants made the cut in our 10 Best People-Watching Restaurants list.

Nominations are gratefully accepted in the comments. And please say a little something about what you like about the people-watching at your favorite place.


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