Tonight! Animal Collective + Danny Perez, Japandroids, Man Man, Born Ruffians, Javelin, Gunfight!, and Sharks?


Thursday is a time for reinvention by way of “intense visual abstraction.” Or at least that’s what Animal Collective and director Danny Perez’s collaborative exhibition, Transverse Temporal Gyrus, promises at the Guggenheim. Skipping out on the “psychedelic” playground of video projections and costumes, Japanther will celebrate their next art-rock triumph, Rock N’ Roll Ice Cream, at their Mercury Lounge record release party. Man Man, whose music is akin to strapping Gogol Bordello in viking armor and sending them out to pillage Whole Foods, is bringing their abrasive neo-gypsy romps to NYU’s Kimmel Center, where the comparably docile Born Ruffians and Javelin will open. Lastly, Glasslands is hosting a night of straightforward riffers with Gunfight!, Quiet Loudly, Scary Living, as well as the ever-enigmatic Shark? And yes, the show poster is a cyclist shooting laser beams from her breasts. Incredible!

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