YouTube Treasure: When Rob Lowe and Snow White Stank Up The Oscars


In 1989, flamboyant producer Alan Carr was given the reins of the Oscars telecast, and the result changed the world for all time.

Carr had produced the smash movie Grease, but unfortunately he’d also foisted on the world such bad-tasting diversions as Grease II, Can’t Stop The Music, and Where The Boys Are ’84.

Carr was not at his creative peak in ’89, and sure enough, his idea of gussying up the staid awards show turned out to include a splashy opening number featuring an unknown as Snow White and Rob Lowe as Prince Charming duetting on a weak rewrite of “Proud Mary.” (“Rolling…rolling…Keep the cameras rolling.”)

If that wasn’t shameful enough, he also served a cavalcade of the greatest stars in Hollywood history (Coral Browne?), all looking awkward and not helped at all by the bad camerawork, followed by a whole other setup that led up to a gigantic popcorn machine that unfortunately didn’t dispense anything edible.

The unknown woman remained so, and Carr practically joined her in anonymity after this frothy fiasco ended the ’80s on a down note. Enjoy the clip and pray this year’s Oscars are a notch above.

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