Al Sharpton Meeting Supports Governor, or Not, Depending on Interpretation


Al Sharpton’s second gathering of black leaders, including former mayor David Dinkins, came out again in favor of Paterson hanging in. At least Sharpton and Dinkins said so outright. (Sharpton also went on Hardball to complain of the governor’s unfair media treatment.)Ben Smith thinks this gave Paterson “breathing room,” but Daily News‘ Juan Gonzalez saw it differently. “Despite the sound of support rumbling out of Sylvia’s last night,” he said, “…the Harlem elders know better,” though it wasn’t clear what demonstrated that — maybe just the fact that they have to keep having meetings about him.

Former comptroller Carl McCall was in on the meeting, but he didn’t sound optimistic on Fox Business News beforehand. “It may not be possible,” he said, for Paterson to govern in the face of the investigation.

As to what the state’s voters are thinking, Quinnipiac finds that the plurality of support for Paterson shown in their March 3 poll seems to be dropping; where the earlier survey had them in favor of Paterson continuing 61-31 percent, Quinnipiac now finds them in favor by only 46-42 percent.


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