American Apparel’s Williamsburg Stronghold: Attacked!


Looks like someone out there still reads Adbusters! Williamsburg’s outpost of skeevy hipster skivvies store American Apparel (or as the bros call it: AmAppy) found itself under assault last night by an entire crew of guys who apparently weren’t booked for any globalization protests this week. Or, as Free Williamsburg suggests, they lost the ass contest.

Yeah, apparently, a bunch of guys threw smoke bombs (smoke bombs?) at the American Apparel on North 6th Street in Williamsburg, and then smashed some windows with a bat, and starting fires and throwing rocks. Free Williamsburg quotes someone who knows someone who tends to a different merchant within the vicinity of the assault:

That person’s report from the scene makes it sounds a heck of a lot scarier than just a few kids throwing rocks! Per his recollection, there were about 50 guys dressed all in black, wearing masks, and “causing total mayhem” all along No. 6th St, “dumping out trash dumpsters and setting everything on fire in the streets, and then smashing all the windows of the american apparel.”

Free Williamsburg, indeed. Let the revolution begin. Granted, they did miss Subway, the Dunkin’ Donuts off Graham, Brooklyn Industries, the White Castle on Metropolitan, or any of the other hundreds of retail chain establishments in Brooklyn, or in New York City, but whatever, I guess getting after American Apparel is supposed to make some kind of statement. Or the kids were in the neighborhood and just needed some shit to throw. Or maybe it was a stance against American Apparel’s recent forays into “exploiting” these possibly UNDERAGED DOGS?!

Actually, no, they probably just lost the ass contest. The pressure to have a derriere of regard in Brooklyn’s Hippest ‘Hood is just too much for some people. That said, if that isn’t the case, or you know anything about the oncoming revolution, please tell us, we’d be glad to air out your manifesto, insecurities about fitting into that new pair of APC’s, deceleration of war against Peter Luger’s, etc. It’s probably also worth noting that Starbucks hasn’t even arrived yet – hasn’t even signed a lease, yet – and Billy Talen’s already telling people to break their windows based on a post the owner of The Bagel Store wrote about being priced out of his space. It’s all fun and games until a SWAT team posts up at Egg. Hipster Runoff post obviously forthcoming.

Update! A more coherent report, from the comments at Gawker:

The the American Apparrel in Williamsburg was vandalized last night in an act of hipster rebellion. Both front windows were broken and the vandals unloaded a bunch of crap from a nearby dumpster, threw it in the middle of the road, and set off fireworks and smoke bombs on it.