Freddy’s Gets Evicted, Vows to Return


The crew at Freddy’s has been trying to keep their minds off the Atlantic Yards project that promises to destroy their bar, focusing instead on an upcoming retrospective of its artists, set to open this Sunday. But earlier this week, what appears to be the last appeal obstructing the eminent domain seizures was denied, and the project was given the green light. Then, yesterday, Freddy’s Bar & Back Room got the notice it had been bracing for: the premises must be vacated within 30 days.

“It went viral pretty fast and last night the bar was packed,” says bartender Matt Kunh. “We’re exploring any last legal avenues to extend the 30 days, maybe get a couple more months out of it.”

In our recent chat with manager Donald O’Finn, he said that, should the bar be forced to close, he would surely reopen it elsewhere: “Freddy’s II. Son of Freddy’s. I think Freddy’s is an idea, not an address.”

In that case, long live the sequel.

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