Gay Catholic Ex-Stripper Awaits Birth of Twins Carried by Husband’s Sister


I’m just sticking with the press release on this one because I couldn’t possibly improve on it:

Tom Marino‘s husband’s sister is carrying his babies.

“They used his husband’s sperm and a donor egg to conceive their babies through IVF.

“Previously, they used Tom’s sperm to conceive their now two-year old son-using the same surrogate (the sister) and donor eggs.

“On the outside, Marino is a buttoned up white collar dad who is a regional banking manager, monogamous husband, devout Catholic, former altar boy and former Civil Air Patrol member.

“However, he is also a former exotic dancer and author of Tomorrow May Be Too Late–a very honest and gritty memoir about toxic homosexual love and living a life of debauchery.

“With your audience, Marino can share intimate accounts and devastating real-world incidences about how he spent the last two decades rebuilding his ‘tomorrow’ after a unflattering series of events–including a messy (heterosexual) divorce, one-night-stands, white collar crime, heartbreak, spiritual intervention and the birth of a child-to become a real-life example of a modern American family.”

Tut, tut, tut. Not another word. I’m there! I’m getting one of these books implanted in my house pronto.

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