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Hiram Monserrate Headed for Homo-Hating Victory


Hiram Monserrate is campaigning hard for the seat his colleagues threw him out of, and as we said before, you have to like his chances. He’s found a strategy he seems comfortable with: Promoting hatred of homosexuals.

The once and future state senator has accepted the support of Reverend Ricardo Reyes of the El Elyon Christian Church in Corona, who claims to represent 612 churches, says the Queens Village Times. The Rev’s primary concern: gay marriage. “I have seen a generation sunk down by the gay community,” said Reyes. “…we are sending our children to practice something against the Bible.” Monserrate voted against the doomed gay marriage bill in the New York senate while he was still there; his primary Democratic opponent in the March 16 special election, Jose Peralta, voted for the bill in the assembly.

To shore up what should be a landslide win on that basis alone, Monserrate has also gone after Peralta for refusing to say whether he endorsed David Paterson’s resignation. For his part, Monserrate says Paterson should stay — another winning position, although just barely and maybe not for long.

Monserrate’s opponents are leaning on the broken-glass, can’t-trust-him angle, but with God all things are possible.

Meanwhile Monserrate’s former chief of staff, councilmember Julissa Ferreras, who has gone over to the Peralta side, had her tires slashed.


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