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Irish-Americans Enraged By Denny’s Ad Making Fun of Potato Famine


B’jaysus! Denny’s had a commercial that announced it would serve free fries in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Irish Potato Famine, as well as free pancakes. The controversy was at first but a wee thing: One commenter said, “We can all chose to be offended by everything or… acknowledge the efforts of the companies that are trying to help.”

Guess which way this one went? Denny’s was forced to apologize and pull the ad. But their problem isn’t going away.

A Facebook page has filled up with angry comments. “I am also disappointed at DENNY’s response, saying that the advert will not be terminated until TUESDAY,” said one. “That would equate to another 50,000s deaths in the height of the famine.”

The Ancient Order of Hibernians sent Denny’s a letter o’complaint (“You have the audacity to make fun of the these people who died of starvation much worse than any genocide ever recorded in history, so that you can sell your product on the back of our dead ancestors”).

“What’s next, free latkes for the holocaust?” said a reader of the Irish Echo.

We have heard a rumor that Denny’s has cancelled plans for an ad alluding to the Norman Invasion in deference to complaints from Saxon-Americans.


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